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Jageshwar Dham


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A sacred old temple complex nestled among hills
by KumaradityaS1 on 11/28/2018

Jageshwar Dham is an ancient temple complex consisting of multiple Hindu temples, small and big, functional and defunct, almost all of them being devoted to Lord Shiva. When we went there around 12...

Eternal atmosphere
by Mohit A on 11/27/2018

Route from almora to jageshwar is scenic. Tall trees n narrow roads cover the sun and gives a evening look. As u reached the temple complex u get mesmerized. Atmosphere changes automatically. Priest...

Interesting architect worth a visit
by Nanakolkata on 11/12/2018

A large number of Hindu temples are to be found in the valley of Jageshwar hills nearly 30Kms. away from Almora town. Most of them are built from stones and are of varying sizes. ASI is managing the...