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Amber Fort


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Fascinating piece of Indian history.
by Violet M on 10/19/2018

On the day of our visit the elephants didn't work to take tourists up to the Fort due to Indian celebrations, so we walked up. On your way up apart from stunning views you will be pestered by beggars...

by Adish J on 10/18/2018

A great place to visit this beautiful fort located on the outskirts of the city of Jaipur. Need 2-3 hours to explore this fort and elephant ride is also available to reach the fort from the base...

A place with history and view
by Yogitauchil on 10/18/2018

A place to visit to understand the history of Rajasthan. The view is breathtaking. The king's and life, the battle's they fought and the life they lived. You can find it all here.