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We thought it was time for RARE to present you a place close to Delhi, somewhere you can plan a quick weekend getaway or a training session or a day picnic with your family. Not more than an hour from South Delhi and right after Manesar are farm lands close to the Classic Golf Course, Peepal Kothi is right here.

Centered around the shaded environs of a few hundred trees of citrus, tangerine, laburnum and ficus, a generous Peepal tree welcomes you at the gate and hence the name. Two large cottages and one cottage with three bedrooms being the inventory, Peepal Kothi is perfect for a small group. Powered by multi-talented manager, this registered farm stay also has women and farm hands from the local villages who help out in the kitchen and the gardens.  They will also on demand challenge your love for Rotis, while they pat them thin with their bare hands and dish them off wooden fires with a chunk of fresh white butter and green chutney ground onsite.

Peepal Kothi is beautiful in winter and promises to be even better in the rains. If you wish to use it for guests, it is recommended that you check in to be the host and make it a complete experience. However Vijay Choudhury who is not new to travel industry having served years with ITC, may on request and availability play host. 

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