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It is time to go back to our timeless cities on the fast lane of progress yet fighting to keep their  history and charm alive….if only just. Bhopal is one such city. Straddling the plains of Malwa on one side and the hills of the Vindhyas on the other, modern Bhopal continues to work on its charms - hills and lakes, modern homes and sepia toned havelis vie for attention along with new attractions like the string of museums and an urban forest, the city’s singular life enriching lung. Bhopal also sits within a short driving distance of two of the most interesting world heritage sites – the prehistoric rock shelters at Bhimbhetka and the Great Stupa at  Sanchi.

Jehanuma Retreat is just around the bend from the foothills of Shamla hills, Bhopal’s elite residential locality and close to a thriving urban forest that is Van Vihar. Earthy and made of the earth, tree bound and shaded by trees, fed by a hearty farm and partly on a farm… Jehanuma makes the essential connect with where it is and what it wishes to offer travelers,  luxury and comfort in nature’s embrace. The 28 cottages set in six clusters are elegant havens from where you can enjoy two to three days taken off from work or at the start of a long adventure into the wildlands of  central India. Enjoy the spa, relax in the pool or beside it and enjoy the beautifully presented meals ‘Under the Jamun Tree’ or inside the air-conditioned ambience of the Coriander Leaf which also sports a hearty bar. Launch out on adventures or just aim to ‘Retreat’  Jehanuma Retreat in Bhopal is perfectly accessible.


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