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Dr. Simon’s Windermere Estate in Munnar is a story to enliven campfire chit-chat in the hills over a glass of heartwarming ‘jungle tea’. Rooms are set in bungalows built like the plantation homes of yore with high gabled roofs, terracotta and wooden floors, sturdy teak furniture and hand embroidered linen.  Cottages, Garden rooms and plantation villas open out to vistas of the beautiful hills and vales of Munnar, the cool moving mists rendering air-conditioning obsolete in this beautiful hill station of Munnar just about three hours’ drive from Cochin.

There is a sense of uncluttered style to the rooms of Windermere Estate, spacious and lit by natural light. The outdoors along with the plantation have been left to nature who has made it her idyll with a profusion of flowering plants and fruiting trees that fill the spaces around the cottages and are home to birds and butterflies. Munnar quiet literally means the confluence of three rivers and at Windermere one senses the effortless communion with nature.

Windermere is the perfect RARE partner, their initiatives like energy efficient lighting, bio-gas plant, water recycling and organic farming are small steps to ensure sustainability and tread lightly on Munnar’s fragile eco-system.

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