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If Hoshairpur does not conjure up images of verdant farm lands and miles of mustard flowers, it is time to go back to see those some ‘evergreen’ Bollywood flicks. We always have a ready list ! So here is presenting you Citrus County, hand crafted tents on a 70 acre citrus farm with plenty of sunshine, happiness, hearty punjabi food and conversation.

When you meet the hosts you will know why ‘happiness’ is a big part of the Citrus Countypackage. Plenty of farm activities followed by excursions and a chance to delve into Sikh history for those interested will account for atleast three days stay in Punjab heartland within a comfortable driving distance from Dharamshala as well as Chandigarh and Amritsar. Citrus County with nine tents and three rooms is a farm stay, event destination and an outpost for the very important festival celebrating Sikhism – Holla Mohalla.

Citrus County can be a wonderful inclusion into cuisine programs as well as there is plenty of traditional as well as innovative cooking at Citrus. The activities here are aimed to take you back into nature and farm living with tractor rides, fruit plucking, cook-outs, or just walking along the farms watching various activities associated with farming.

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Citrus County, Hoshiarpur
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