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Right in the middle of peninsular India is Anantya. Imagine you are surrounded by miles of rubber plantations, a reservoir whose end you can’t see, in the slimmest stretch of the subcontinent, flanked by eastern and Western Ghats, and Anantya is a part of an area afloat between the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. Located within 1000 acres of Vaikundam plantations, a top yielding rubber plantation in Tamil Nadu, Anantya is still pristine and remote yet superbly connects Kerala to Tamil Nadu.


Chittar Lake and the beautiful mountains of Western Ghats surround Anantya with a rare and pristine beauty and a quietude that is addictive. Anantya proclaims “infinite experiences” and it does offer travellers a complete immersion in natural surroundings, an insight into the agronomics of rubber in a retreat that is inspired by the lily and lotus ponds that you will discover on your trails as you explore around.  Feel at home in these comfortable cottages overlooking the lake  under the welcome shade of high rubber trees planted many decades ago, while you explore the plantations and around on foot or cycles.

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