Our Story

RARE has been an advocate of small, private concept hotels for 11 years now. We began when people thought that RARE was well….’ rare’! It was too experimental for some, too adventurous for others. But there some who were already walking the path and we made natural allies. Then there were those willing to be converted from the regular to the RARE that was our reassurance. In the last few years the change in the travel dynamic has been immense and today we are in the midst of a renaissance – a travel renaissance ! And RARE found its relevance.

Our story is still unfolding.... however the crux is that RARE aims to celebrate a community of lateral thinkers who set up hotels ( or non-hotels ) and tourism concepts that do not conform to any set regulations except that they are extremely hospitable and work tirelessly towards enhancing your experience of India - the quintessential Bharat, Nepal and very soon Bhutan !

This collective is a tribute to the RARE community of hoteliers who have been with us from the day we began or just. Did we not say ? ‘It is about the people, you & us....’